Friday, August 14, 2015

Swivl Tips and Tricks

The Swivl is a great device to help a teacher, or other educator, record video of the many things that we do during the day. You can easily put in a tablet or phone and the Swivl will track your motion using the microphone that you wear so you do not need an assistant, it is your assistant. The Swivl has a small footprint and easily blends into the background once you start using it, although I love seeing people's reactions when they first watch it rotate to follow your motion.  The app that you need to install on your device is free and connects you to their cloud storage which is a great place to store and share the videos that you make.  We have used this to record teachers teaching, record students giving presentations, and record any presentation that we want to give.  I have also worked with teachers to set them up so they can record experiments or any other events that they want to share out with students, or other educators.

Getting Started
  • Set up account at
  • Install the Swivl app on your iPad or other mobile device.
  • Log into your Swivl Cloud account on the Swivl App.
  • Change Video Settings to medium sized video if you do not have enough storage for a high quality video. 
  • Turn on and connect to the iPad.
  • Upload your video to your Swivl Cloud account, you can even set it to automatically do this after you record.
  • (one issue that has popped up occasionally involved some interference with the microphone causing it to not record, if you turn off the wifi on your tablet or phone then you can usually avoid this issue)
Watch the videos below to get started with your Swivl.
Getting Started With Your Swivl

Uploading From Swivl to Swivl Cloud

Tips When Using Your Swivl