Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adding Audio Comments using Goobric and Doctopus

I am a big proponent of using digital tools to provide better feedback for students as part of their learning.  Too often we may give "feedback" that consists of a score or a grade, which does not help the student continue in their learning in an effective way.  It is like expecting a blind person to know how to drive by just shouting out directions, we need to do more to help them become better in their learning.  Kaizena is my standard tool for adding audio comments to Google Docs but if you are already using Goobric and Doctopus, then you can now easily add in audio comments to give further feedback for the student.

(If you are worried about the time it takes to give better feedback, think of the time you will get back because the better feedback will make it more likely they learn and will need less help than if you give them poor feedback.)

You can find out more about Doctopus and Goobric at and you can watch the video below to see how to leave audio comments using Goobric.