Tuesday, August 11, 2015

gMath for Google Forms Update

gMath is an Add-on for Google Forms (and Docs, Sheets) that allows you to easily create, and insert, mathematical equations and graphs.  It uses the LaTeX equation editor to allow you to quickly use buttons, or write it all out yourself, to insert the equations or graphs into a Google Form.  With the recent update, you can quickly allow students to use gMath to submit their own answers using the equation, graph, or handwriting editor.  This Add-on makes it very easy to create graphs and equations as well as allowing students the ability to do the same.  More gMath info can be found at http://www.gmath.guru/

UPDATED 4-23-15: Handwriting entries now are inserted directly into the document, you do not need to convert them into written text.  

ALSO - You can go from handwritting into LaTex using https://webdemo.myscript.com/#/demo/equation

Watch the video below to see how it works.