Friday, September 4, 2015

September Ed Tech Challenge

As a fun way to introduce some more collaboration, sharing, and a challenge, we are introducing Ed Tech Challenges for our staff each month.  This first month is just get teachers introduced to the idea and get them sharing out what new things they are trying out in the classroom, or to help them get ideas about what else they could be trying.  This is my way of working towards some of the 4C's (collaboration, creation, critical thinking, and communication).

There are various challenges that can earn teachers points and I will keep track of them using a Padlet wall or by watching the #ameshighpride hashtag on Twitter.  The Padlet wall is also an easy way for teachers to share what they are doing so other teachers can see it.  While the reward to the winner is some homemade treats, made by my wife or me depending on what they choose, the real reward will come in the collaboration they experience and the ideas they can get from working with each other.  My hope is to have a theme each month to help us focus on our growth areas and to keep the learning going.